segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011

Welcome to the End of Heart.

Things have changed. A lot. Things always change, but, was I able to change alongside them? I mean, evolving and getting prepared to live as a regular guy who wakes up, go working and then gets back to home fulfilling men’s daily duty? Or did I stick back at the time where I was a little weirdo kid, unaware of what the future held for me? I can say I’m living as a dual being. My mind’s been kept in another world, a fantastic and fabulous world I dreamed up. There is where I feel freer, I feel whole, I feel what I can’t feel in the real world. Where I play whoever I want to. My body - it just keeps going on, shrunk by the walls around me, sometimes sparkling glimpses of my core – with all happiness, real good times we share with our beloved ones, and sometimes (or should I say most of the times?) as a shallow me, a soulless gathering of flesh and blood ruled only by nature’s laws. The trick is: how do I mix up these two worlds to create a perfect and final version of me? Is there a recipe to live life and enjoy all of its possibilities or do we always have to let go of certain so-labeled forbidden (as viewed by common society) behavior and accept (in worst cases, standing) our frail, incomplete and harsh existing? I know it’s a lot of questions to answer, and experiencing life is hard, no matter if you’re broke, wealthy, good-looking, or whatever. I do believe we’re here to achieve a higher purpose. Some say troubles are the sauce of life. I say we’re not meant to suffer... but we do suffer. This is just the first step towards the non-stopping storm that echoes deep inside my heart. Here, I’ll try to face myself with no disguise, to wear my soul bared. Only then I can reach where I want and feel myself as I really am. Only then I can reach the end of heart.

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