quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

There will be you and me.

I have been looking for some rest, but when night comes I find none. Deep in my dreams I can hear your heart beating, calling out mine and I can still taste a little warmth you’ve left in my lips. It leaves my body in flames, and I violently burn through the lust of desire. And as if by magic my mind absconds my body, in response to your calling, traveling through infinite space and time. Like a comet followed its orbit, I’m entwined to your love, which I’m pretty sure I can never shake free. And when we finally overcome the never-ending darkness that tears us apart, our both hearts collide, blurring out the very light of the Sun, outbursting our inner universe into lucent shards, floating all over the sky. Our vivid remains will kiss the ground, as the sun lies down. And when we reach our final destination, at the very last, all I wish is to swim into the shores of you, getting bathed by your oceans, where the waters are the purest I have ever savored. As the waves break against the coast, so does our flicker fragments, creating a trance-like dancing, and we become only one, lastly able to behold what love has been keeping for us. I still believe there will be you and me.

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